Cherish Homes



Cherish Homes is a Custom-Build house builder - one of the new breed of enabling developers that is helping landowners to replace the traditional mass-market house-builders. 

We work with landowners to help turn land into individual plots with planning permission, roads and services. We then work with home buyers to design and build their ideal homes on those plots - taking a fresh and new approach to the house buying process and, following two way interaction, delivering exactly what you, the homeowner, wants. 

Cherish Homes combines technical and architectural expertise with the latest housing construction systems and methods to design and deliver Custom-Build homes that are eco-friendly, energy efficient and with a level of build quality that will astound you. When governments talk about wanting house building to move to more Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), this is what they are talking about. This is the future and it is here today.

Questions on the custom build process, the house designs or the architectural services may be asked of Cherish Homes on the following number

0845 430 0010

... or fill out the Contact Us form.