Rowallan Castle House Design Rules



No-one likes rules, but at Rowallan Castle Estate, we want to balance your freedom to design your own dream home with having the homes continue to look part of the setting, and sit well together as a new community. We want to encourage individuality and creativity that will retain a strong sense of identity and at the same time ensure a degree of consistency. 

Each building plot comes with a Plot Passport that lists the overall criteria to apply to each plot and includes :

  • The maximum house size that can be built on a particular plot (subject to our agreement and that of the planners if it was to be larger)
  • The time frame for completing your home, so that your neighbours know when building would be completed by
  • The plot boundary and any limits on where the house can be built within the plot
  • Where the power and water etc enter your plot
  • The range of building materials and finishes that planners require to be used 
  • The height of the house
  • and other things that will ensure Rowallan Castle Estate houses are all in keeping with the surroundings, and to a degree, with each other and the community as a whole

All houses in the custom-build phases will be constructed using the Dan-Wood housing system and will be designed, in conjunction with yourself, by the project architects. Future potential self-build plots may utilise other house manufacturing systems and builders but within the same Plot Passport design parameters.