Phase One - Plots for Sale

The first fourteen plots in phase one are shown below. We are initially releasing the first five plots to 'early-bird' plot buyers and these are listed further down. Further plots will be released as these are reserved. The grey boxes illustrate the building limits for a house to be built on the plot and houses will fit within these limits and will not necessarily fill the entire box.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 19.55.27.png

Plots for Sale

Plots are being released in phases in order to ensure that adjacent plots on the site have completed construction works at around the same time.

Normally, individual building plots that are available for sale on the market will leave the buyer to have to deal with all the work required to design and build a house. Not at Rowallan Castle Estate, all of our plots are provided fully serviced with roads and power/utilities in place to the edge of the plot and full foundations will also be installed ready for the delivery of your custom designed house. Prices shown below are for plots only and we will quote separately for services, foundations and the house itself. For simplicity, you can also pick a standard house from our catalogue.

It couldn't be any easier and our team is here to help you each step of the way.

The plots currently available are listed below, along with their sizes, the current maximum house size and the plot price :

Stable Field

Plot Number Status Maximum House Size Number of Bedrooms Offers Over
(sq m/sq ft) (max) (plus Services
& Foundations)
Phase One
SF01 Available 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF02 Available 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF03 Available 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF04 Reserved 246/ 2,650 5
SF05 Available 144/ 1,550 4 £110,000
SF06 Optioned 144/ 1,550 4 £110,000
SF07 Available 144/ 1,550 4 £110,000
SF08 Available 144/ 1,550 4 £110,000
SF09 Available 144/ 1,550 4 £110,000
SF10 Available 144/ 1,550 4 £110,000
SF11 Available 246/ 2,650 5 £130,000
SF12 Available 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF13 Available 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF14 Available 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF15 Available 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
Future Phases
SF16 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF17 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF18 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF19 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF20 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF21 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF22 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF23 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF24 Pre-Reserved 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF25 Optioned 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF26 Optioned 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF27 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF28 Not Yet Released 144/ 1,500 4 £130,000
SF29 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF30 Not Yet Released 158/ 1,700 4 £130,000
SF31 Not Yet Released 144/ 1,550 4 £130,000
SF32 Optioned 246/ 2,650 5 £150,000
SF33 Not Yet Released 144/ 1,550 4 £130,000
SF34 Pre-Reserved 246/ 2,650 5 £150,000
SF35 Pre-Reserved 246/ 2,650 5 £150,000
SF36 Pre-Reserved 246/ 2,650 5 £150,000
SF37 Not Yet Released 246/ 2,650 5 tbc
SF38 Not Yet Released 246/ 2,650 5 tbc
SF39 Pre-Reserved 246/ 2,650 5 £150,000
SF40 Not Yet Released 246/ 2,650 5 £130,000

Further notes:

  • Prices correct at 17/8/2018

  • Further plots from future phases may be pre-reserved by negotiation.

  • "Maximum House Size" and "Number of Bedrooms" is as per the existing full planning permission for each plot and may be varied by revised planning consent, subject to planning.

  • Plot prices are provided for those who wish to purchase a plot and then design and order their house separately. Alternatively select a completed house that includes the plot.

  • Services and Foundations costs can be provided upon request and will in part be dictated by the house design chosen for the plot. Infrastructure services per plot will cost from £35,000. Foundations are from £20,000 upwards according to house size.

  • If you would like to know the 'all in' price for a finished house then prices for standard house designs on sample plot numbers are provided on the House Designs page. These can of course be customised upon request and during that process an 'all in' price will be provided for your custom designed house.

  • Once a final house design is chosen by a plot buyer (see the House Designs page) , or designed with the help of our project architects, then the plot will be re-submitted for final planning permission for that chosen house design.

  • There is no guarantee that any final design will be accepted by the planners and it may need to be adjusted by negotiation with the assistance of our project architects.

  • This revised planning permission may, subject to any constraints for each plot within each Plot Passport, permit a larger or smaller house to be built than is indicated in each plot's "Maximum House Size" figure, and permit changes to numbers of bedrooms.

  • House design, services, foundations and construction must be arranged through Rowallan Castle Estate and self build is not presently available on Phase One plots but please enquire is this is of interest on future releases.

  • Errors and Omissions Excepted. Pricing and availability subject to change.