What is Custom-Build?


Custom-Build Homes are our future.

For many years now in the UK, our new housing has been delivered almost exclusively by the larger, national and local house-builders.  However, this has one major drawback – a very limited choice of design and plot size and virtually no input from you, the house buyer, into your finished home.

Now, there’s a new form of housing emerging called custom build which gives you the opportunity to have a real say in the creation of your new home. 

Custom-build is all about flexibility. And all about choice. Your choice.

Building a custom-build home is a process where you select a plot and then work with an architect and wider team to design and deliver the home that suits your needs and budget, often using Modern Methods of Construction for faster build, higher quality and lower energy houses.  In more and more cases, an enabling developer brings serviced plots to the market that have roads, power, and water in place, making the choice of a house your key focus. The enabling developer will usually also provide the foundations required for your house, leaving you to focus on the choice and design of your house, again with the aid of the developer's team. You would then place the order for your final house and it would be built, often utilising many high quality components built off-site, by the chosen custom-build manufacturer's team.

Building housing components off site, in modern, efficient, computer controlled factories means they can be precision engineered with laser precision, greatly improving the quality of the final house and without having to do anything like as much manual labour on site in difficult weather and avoiding the human error and poor workmanship that is all too common in press reports of mass house-builder quality today. We wouldn't want our car assembled over months and months in pouring rain and muddy fields and with every individual piece hand-made and hand-assembled, and neither should we build our houses this way any more.

The key to custom build is finding the right site and plot for you.

At Rowallan Castle Estate we are fortunate to already have a fantastic location with a range of  affordable plots for your next home, so that difficult initial part of any custom-build journey has been made easy.

That just leaves us to provide you the help to guide you through the house selection and design process on some of the most beautiful plots available in Scotland today.

A Custom-Build house being built on-site day by day. From foundations to turn-key finished house to move into in just 6-10 weeks from commencement.